NEW ! Custom Taqman probe service is now available!

2022. 12. 28

Taqman probe method for qPCR has strong specificity and high sensitivity compared with dye method, and has been widely used in molecular diagnosis, microarray sequencing, human genome engineering, tumor research, forensic identification and other various fields.


With professional technicians, advanced DNA synthesizers and mature synthesis and purification methods, Dynegene has launched custom TaqMan probe service, providing various types of fluorescent modifications according to customer needs; and strictly implementing ISO13485 quality control standards to ensure first-class quality and timely delivery.


Product Highlight

Purity assurance: Each probe is purified by HPLC to ensure product quality

Good consistency: Good consistency between intra or inter batch

High sensitivity: Detectable down to 1 copy/ µL

Good stability: Stable performance under repeated freeze-thaw and 37°C thermal acceleration


Performance Demonstration

Purity assurance



Dynegene strictly implements ISO13485 quality control standards, and the synthesized probes are purified by HPLC with a purity of over 90%. To ensure product quality, each sequence is tested by mass spectrometer and a test report is issued.

Good consistency


The MPV plasmids (107, 106, 105, 104 copies/10 µL) were assayed with three different batches of probes synthesized by Dynegene. The results showed that the CT values were stable with the same plasmids copies, which implies good consistency.

High sensitivity


The MPV plasmids (108, 107, 106, 105, 104, 103, 102, 10 copies/10 µL) were detected with probes synthesized by Dynegene, and the results showed that even 1 copy/µL could be detected, which implies high sensitivity.

Good stability



The probe was subjected to repeated freeze-thaw for 50 times, or thermal acceleration treatment at 37℃ for 7d. The CT value remained stable with CV <1%. Besides, before and after the treatment the loss of fluorescence signal was less, which implies good stability.


Various types of fluorescent modifications are available according to customer requirements


Commonly used fluorescent groups


Commonly used quenching groups


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