What is TMB?

Tumor Mutational Burden (TMB), as an emerging biomarker, has received increasing attention for its role in predicting the efficacy of cancer immunotherapy. TMB is defined as the number of somatic, non-synonymous mutations per megabase (Mb) within a specific genomic region.


Test methods for TMB?

Whole Exome Sequencing (WES)

WES is the "gold standard" for performing TMB testing. Because a large number of variants may accumulate during cancer progression, which may lead to neoantigen production, while WES detects somatic mutations present throughout all exons and can provide a complete profile of mutations in the tumor genome, WES is therefore theoretically the best choice to detect TMB.

Custom Panel based Targeted Sequencing

Targeted sequencing panels focus on a large number of tumor-related genes, and it is generally believed that an NGS panel ≥ 1 Mb allows for better assessment of TMB levels in tumor tissues. Combined with bioinformatics algorithms, panel assays can rapidly and efficiently detect tumor target genome alterations. Therefore, tumor genomic analysis using targeted sequencing panels has emerged as an additional option for clinical testing.


Why test for TMB?

Studies have shown that patients with high tumor mutational burden (TMB-H) are more likely to benefit from immune checkpoint inhibitor (ICI) therapy. In patients with TMB-H cancers, variants accumulated in their tumor cells produce new proteins. These proteins themselves or degradation fragments are presented to the surface of tumor cells by major histocompatibility complexes (MHC) to produce new antigens. These antigens are recognized by T cells and trigger cellular immunity, which induces cell death in tumor cells and achieves therapeutic purposes.


What TMB assays do we offer?

Product Name QuarXeq Human All Exon Probes 1.0/2.0/3.0 QuarXeq Pan-Cancer Panel 1.0 QuarXeq Pan-Cancer Ultra Panel 1.0
Item No. NY1001、NY1004、NY1009 NY1014 NY1015
Sample Demand 10 ng - 200 ng. Suitable for FFPE samples 10 ng - 200 ng. Suitable for FFPE samples 10 ng - 200 ng. Suitable for FFPE samples
Target Size 60Mb(V1.0)、48.2Mb(V1.0)、41.5Mb(V1.0) 1.9Mb 5.9Mb
Unique double-stranded RNA probe capture High coverage and complete retained library information High coverage and complete retained library information High coverage and complete retained library information
Advantages Associated pathogenic gene studies in complex diseases as well as being the "gold standard" for TMB testing Mature evaluation of targeted tumor therapy and complete evaluation of TMB Comprehensive tumor mapping and complete assessment of MSI and TMB


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